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Choosing stylish work uniforms

It's important to make sure your staff looks as good as possible. Not only does it make the staff feeling better and have a better attitude, it also sends out a professional image of your company. People notice your staff's uniforms at work, but also as they move around the neighbourhood coming to and from the workplace. It's a great investment in your company to have stylish and well-tailored uniforms. If you are looking to order some new, stylish uniforms for your staff, then keep reading. I have some great examples of suppliers and styles that you can use as a starting point when planning your new uniforms.


Choosing stylish work uniforms

Drool-Worthy Suited Men | 4 Dapper Suit Styles Every Man Should Own in His Closet

by Cecil Hanson

Suits have an uncanny way of making a man look his dapper best, whether he's wearing off-the-rack or custom-made suits. There's a suit for different occasions –– formal, semi-formal, casual and shabby chic. With so many styles, cuts, colours and materials, it can be downright daunting for men to make the right choices. Luckily, this style guide is designed to help every man choose the perfect suit style for every occasion –– making them must-have additions for his closet.

The Three Piece Suit for the Officer Goer

The three-piece suit is a traditional, timeless piece that defines style at its elegant best. A three-piece suit delivers a neatly tailored look along with a shirt, tie and vest. Three piece suits are the perfect choice for winter layering and are meant for more formal workplace environments. A three-piece suit looks excellent when worn with a solid coloured shirt and solid or paisley ties. Three-piece suits are available off the rack, but men can choose custom-made suits for a better fit.

The Double Breasted Suit for the Tall Man

The double-breasted suit delivers an ideal fit for men that are taller in stature, since it focuses on the torso region and not a man's height –– so men don't end up looking too lanky. This timeless classic is a must-have wardrobe addition because it looks fantastic in a formal and semi-formal environment. The double-breasted suit looks best with a solid tie and striped shirt.

The Tuxedo for the Groom

The tuxedo is an extremely formal dinner jacket that's best worn for weddings or formal black-tie events. The tuxedo is best worn with a white tuxedo shirt and bow tie. A dinner suit can be styled in several ways –– a black velvet jacket is an ideal choice for formal events, while a jacket with a satin lapel adds a look of luxury. Tuxedo jackets are usually either white or black and can be worn with pocket squares and patent leather shoes. While off-the-rack tuxedos are available, there's nothing like finding the perfect fit for formal occasions with custom-made suits –– especially if you're walking down the aisle to affirm your commitment to the woman of your dreams.

The Casual Suit for the Style Icon

Casual suits are ideal for men who like to dress up stylishly even on casual occasions. A sports jacket paired with casual jeans or chinos is an excellent casual suit idea –– working brilliantly in casual work environments or social gatherings. Casual suits look great with leather shoes and solid shirts. You can choose to wear this suit with or without a tie.

Whether you choose off-the-rack suits, bespoke suits or custom-made suits, be sure to include a few of these dapper styles in your wardrobe for different occasions. Find a tailor like Adriano Carbone Master Tailor in your area to learn more about the types of suits you should have for different occasions.