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Choosing stylish work uniforms

It's important to make sure your staff looks as good as possible. Not only does it make the staff feeling better and have a better attitude, it also sends out a professional image of your company. People notice your staff's uniforms at work, but also as they move around the neighbourhood coming to and from the workplace. It's a great investment in your company to have stylish and well-tailored uniforms. If you are looking to order some new, stylish uniforms for your staff, then keep reading. I have some great examples of suppliers and styles that you can use as a starting point when planning your new uniforms.


Choosing stylish work uniforms

How to Pack Less and Stay Warm on a Winter Holiday

by Cecil Hanson

Holidays in colder countries have so much to offer – from drinking marshmallow-filled hot cocoa to skiing down white-capped slopes. You'll want to take in as much wintry goodness as possible; the last thing you need is for dreaded overweight luggage fees to eat into your holiday budget. Plus, if your bag is overstuffed, you won't have space to bring back those adorable snow globe souvenirs you had your heart set on. But how can you possibly pack light when you need heavy, warm clothing for those chilly days and nights? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce your luggage weight – here are 3 of the best tips.

Switch to Lighter Fabrics Thanks to modern advances in clothes-making, the warmest clothing no longer has to be the heaviest. There are plenty of lightweight fabrics out there that will keep you just a warm and take up less space in your suitcase. Why not switch regular wool jumpers for Merino sweatshirts? Merino is a very light wool sheared from sheep who live in freezing conditions, making it the perfect addition to your winter holiday wardrobe. As for outwear, a thin, insulated nylon jacket makes a great alternative to a bulky puffer.

Pack Multi-Use Clothing The more times you can wear one piece of clothing, the better. Try picking one colour palette to base all your holiday clothing choices around. Having a central theme allows you to easily mix-and-match layers. Neutral colours are always great choices – a black cardigan, for example, will go with anything, so you can leave your extra cardigans behind. But don't just stop there – try to pack accessories that you can use outside of their intended function. A big scarf can easily double as a blanket or pillow on your flight, a way to cover your face in a snowstorm, and a shawl for indoor use. 

Buy New Luggage If you're still struggling to keep your bag weight down, your not-so-trusty old suitcase could be to blame. When you buy luggage online, it's easy to find something that works perfectly for you and fits your budget. It's an unwritten law that you will try to fill your case to the brim, so why not try switching to something slightly smaller? A hard suitcase made from lightweight thermoplastic will reduce your overall baggage weight, and the resistant casing will prevent you from trying to overstuff.