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Choosing stylish work uniforms

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Choosing stylish work uniforms

Safety Workwear and Its Importance in the Workplace

by Cecil Hanson

Workwear differs for every profession; however, those professions where hazards are present in the work environment require employees to wear appropriate safety gear.

Safety workwear

Most safety workwear includes high visibility safety gear. This workwear is brightly coloured so that persons wearing the gear can be spotted easily both during the day and at night. Reflective gear allows workers to be visible from moving vehicles so that accidents can be prevented. Furthermore, in construction sites where heavy machinery is being operated, high visibility workwear is essential so that machine operators can see workers and avoid any kind of accidents. High visibility workwear is particularly important in low light conditions where workers are operating in low light. Such low light areas include warehouses, shipping docks, night-time construction alongside roads, and more. 

Workplaces with dangerous hazards also require workers to wear appropriate shoes which have specifically been designed to protect workers' feet. These kinds of protective footwear are highly durable and have shock absorption abilities. Safety workwear also includes safety eye gear and head gear which includes safety goggles and hard hats. These protect against head injuries and trauma. 

Another key aspect in safety work gear that must be taken into consideration is the kind of weather conditions employees are operating in. Employers must ensure that when employees are working in high temperatures, the fabric is breathable and comfortable for the employee to wear. Additionally, in colder weather conditions, employers must provide appropriate workwear that keeps the wearer warm. In Australia, where the summer weather can be quite hot, a range of retailers provide workwear manufactured with breathable materials that allow air to flow and to keep the wearer cool.

Safety workwear is required under the law

The Workplace Health and Safety organization (WHS) has a set of regulations making it obligatory for workers to wear safety gear in any workplace environment where the employer is aware of hazards. This work gear must be reasonably comfortable for the employee and must also be maintained or replaced regularly. Of course, work gear can become worn out over time depending upon the work environment. When work gear gets too worn, this gear must then be appropriately replaced. Additionally, workers must be adequately trained to use this safety gear in the best way possible and keep it well maintained. 

A wide range of businesses specialise in providing comfortable safety workwear that complies with government regulations.