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Choosing stylish work uniforms

It's important to make sure your staff looks as good as possible. Not only does it make the staff feeling better and have a better attitude, it also sends out a professional image of your company. People notice your staff's uniforms at work, but also as they move around the neighbourhood coming to and from the workplace. It's a great investment in your company to have stylish and well-tailored uniforms. If you are looking to order some new, stylish uniforms for your staff, then keep reading. I have some great examples of suppliers and styles that you can use as a starting point when planning your new uniforms.


Choosing stylish work uniforms

Change The Way You Dress: Why It's Time To Switch To Hemp Clothing

by Cecil Hanson

If you're looking for a better way to dress and you're tired of the typical fabrics, now's the time to switch to hemp. You might not realise this, but hemp is an excellent choice where clothing is concerned. Not only is hemp an all-natural fabric, but it's also much better for the environment. Hemp requires less water for growth, which makes it the perfect crop to grow during a drought. Not only that, but it doesn't deplete the soil of vital nutrients, which means the crop doesn't need to be rotated. However, there are other benefits to choosing hemp clothing. Here are four of those benefits. 

Improves Breathability

If you're tired of feeling sticky during the summer, it's time to change the way you dress. Many of the fabrics that are used for clothing can leave your body feeling sticky, especially during the summer months. That can happen when fabrics don't provide enough breathability. That's where hemp clothing comes into the picture. Hemp clothing is lightweight, which helps to improve airflow around your body. Not only that, but hemp fabric is tightly woven, which means it will keep the sun off of your skin, which can also help you to feel cooler during the summer. 

Reduces Body Odours

If you find yourself dealing with body odour and deodorant doesn't seem to help, your body might not be the problem. Your clothing could actually be the cause of your increased body odours, especially if you're not wearing natural fibres. That's where hemp clothing comes into the picture. Hemp clothing is naturally antimicrobial, which means bacteria can't attach themselves to the fabric. As a result, your clothing will protect you from the body odour that can come from wearing other types of fabrics. 

Resists Colour Fading

If you like to wear bright colours, but they tend to fade during the wash cycle, now's the time to switch to hemp clothing. Hemp clothing tends to retain its vibrant colours, which means your clothes will stay bright, wash after wash. That means you won't need to replace your clothes as often, which is an added benefit. 

Stays Clean Longer

If you're trying to do your part for the environment, and you want to conserve water, hemp clothing can help you meet your goals. You might not know this, but hemp clothing tends to stay clean longer, which means you won't need to do laundry as often. Because hemp fabric resists odours, your clothing will smell fresh longer, which reduces the need for laundering.

If you're interested in sustainable hemp clothing, reach out to a clothing supplier in your area.